Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honest Scrap Award (Or, A Bit About Me)

If you've been following Seasonal Wisdom, you've probably noticed my stories tend to focus on other people. The fact is I'd rather write about other folks and their traditions than myself.

But this post is different. That's because Helen Yoest of Gardening with Confidence and Dan Eskelson of Clearwater Landscapes tagged me for the Honest Scrap Award. They're such nice people, how could I possibly refuse?

The Honest Scrap Award rules are simple. Tell 10 things about yourself. Then ask seven other bloggers to do the same. So, here goes...

A flower lover from way back...

  1. A bit of a gypsy, I've lived in cities as diverse as Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Other places I've called "home" include Germany (a small village near the Austrian border); the Idaho foothills and more...
  2. All my travels have led me to appreciate the different ways people enjoy life, celebrate in the kitchen and have fun in the garden. Viva la difference!
  3. I wish I could be a specialist. I really do. But it wasn't my destiny. Over the years, I've written about everything from jewelry history and agricultural issues to intellectual property rights for organizations in the United States, Europe and Asia.
  4. So, what are my favorite topics? That's easy to answer - gardening, seasonal folklore, local foods and healthy living.
  5. Some people collect stamps. I collect seasonal traditions, folklore and superstitions that reveal interesting facts about the way we used to live. Sure, I love the latest trends, but it's the mix of the old with the new that inspires me most. Believe me: history is stranger than fiction.
  6. In warmer months, you'll find me in my "work-in-progress" garden. We grow lots of vegetables, herbs and flowers ... particularly the older, rarer varieties.
  7. To win my heart, it helps if the plant looks pretty, smells good, tastes delicious and plays well with others. Although I've been known to let a few slackers survive...
  8. Local foods are my passion. I'm blessed to live in a state with delicious pasture-raised animals like grass-fed beef, American Wagyu beef, lamb, bison and elk. As for produce, my first choices are always from local growers or my own backyard.
  9. Buying local foods is a topic I write about in Grocery Gardening (Cool Springs Press, 2010). You'll also find information about the nutritional benefits of eating vegetables, fruits and herbs, along with tips on planting, preparing and preserving fresh foods.
  10. Incidentally, none of the Grocery Gardening co-authors had ever met in person before working on this book. We first met on Twitter, and communicated mainly via Skype conference calls, e-mail and other technology tools.  Quite twenty-first century of us, don't you think?
So, now that I've shared a bit about me, I'm forwarding the baton to seven more bloggers. But no pressure to participate, please. It's just my way of drawing more attention to your wonderful blogs.


  1. I love the fact that you 'collect' seasonal traditions...I can honestly say you're the first person I've known to do this - which is part of your endearing charm! You're such a unique person! Lovely post - thanks for this with all of us!

  2. Honest Scrap Award <-- GREAT idea. I loved reading these interesting tidbits about you!

  3. Thanks, Rebecca. You made my day! And you're always welcome to forward me your favorite seasonal traditions or superstitions for my collection. All the best, Teresa

  4. Kathy: Glad you stopped by. Thanks for taking the time to read these strange facts about me... Any surprises? Teresa

  5. Aha! I had you pegged correctly...I just knew you were a gypsy!

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Dan: Drat! All my secrets are out now. Ha ha. Thanks for stopping by... Teresa

  7. Wonderful! I always suspected you had a bit of Gypsy in you! H.

  8. It's true, Helen. You know I love the old ways. Probably from my Gypsy side. Ha ha. Thanks for the invite. Best Teresa

  9. Any surprises? Yes, seeing that cute kid picture of you!