Monday, February 1, 2010

February Begins

Welcome February! Spring is coming, and I can't help craving flowers like the lovely ones photographed above by Isabel Gomes.

Did You Know? February gets its name from the Latin Februarius, which is derived from februa or "means of cleansing." This was probably due to the many purification rituals that occured this month in earlier times. Personally, I find February a great month for shedding winter weight, cleaning out wintery dust in my home, and celebrating the longer days by reviewing seed catalogs and preparing for spring.

Here's how Nicholas Breton described this month in 1626, using rather interesting spellings:

"It is now February and ... the Valleyes now are painted white
and the brookes are full of water...the trees a little begin to bud
and the sap begins to rise vp out of the root.
There is hope of a better time not farre off..."

Other Fun Facts about February:

The shortest month of the year often has the worst weather. An old proverb explains, "As the days lengthen, the cold strengthens."

Despite the frigid temperatures, many cultures from the Japanese to the Ancient Celts, celebrated the return of spring around this time because of the longer days and increased animal activity. Read more on this subject; and listen to the Nest in Style podcast.

This blog started in February a year ago, making it a particularly significant month for Seasonal Wisdom.

Look for more gardening tips, strange seasonal folklore and fun interviews with local foods and horticultural experts throughout the year. And thanks for your support and comments so far! Please keep them coming...


  1. Congratulations on your first year!
    Looking forward to another great year of inspiration from your words and photos.

  2. Thanks, Annica. Maybe I'll light a little celebratory candle or something... ;)

  3. purification... very cool. thanks for the info

  4. Hi Dirty Girl Gardening: Makes a lot of sense that February is a traditional time to purify, especially after all those heavy winter meals. Thanks for stopping by. Teresa

  5. February is the month of loooooove... :) great post, adding it to our GG fan page.

  6. Thanks, Jean Ann. Speaking of love,I have a Valentine's Post coming up soon...where I look at whether two little-known saints really had much to do with this holiday for lovers. xox Teresa