Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Joyful May

"The moon shines bright, and the stars give a light,
A little before it is day
So God bless you all, both great and small
And send you a joyful May."

These soothing words are from "The Night Song," commonly sung in 19th Century England while Maying... Learn more about May Day customs.

The photo was taken during the March full moon in Boise, after a recent snow storm.

The next full moon will be May 8-9, depending on your location. Traditionally, this full moon was appropriately named Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon or Milk Moon.


  1. Very interesting about May customs- thanks for posting it :). I didn't know that for years May was the beginning of summer on calendars for a long time- not summer here, that's for sure!

  2. Thanks, Tessa, for your comments. These traditions were no doubt started by more moderate climates than yours... Hope to see you again.

  3. Very nice shot of Boise with a full moon!

  4. Teresa, I was thinking that some of us Idaho gardeners might want to visit each other's gardens this summer. There are Nat, MaryAnn, Heather, you, me, and perhaps even Beth in Bellevue. Would you want to participate?

  5. Kim and Victoria: Would love to tour your gardens. Thanks for thinking of me! Give me a little notice, so I can weed first. ;)