Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unforgettable Day at Andrew Molera State Park

You know you’re somewhere special when you drive into California's Andrew Molera State Park.  This lovely park – 21 miles south of Carmel on Highway 1 – is where Big Sur River runs wild into the Pacific Ocean. It’s also the largest state park in the Big Sur area, with plenty to impress nature lovers.

Flower-filled meadows, wooded pathways, walk-in tent campsites, secluded beaches and more than 20 trails await you at the 4,800 acre park. You can even rent horses here and ride the paths.

Last May, we were lucky enough to find ourselves here again. As you can see, the California poppies and wild lupine were blooming wildly that day.
Here's a close-up picture of lupines and poppies blowing in the breeze, with just a touch of sea salt in the air.
Walk along the grassy meadows and you'll see plenty of butterflies. It was right around here that we also found not one, but two, four-leaf clovers. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of this miracle. So, you'll just have to believe me.  But even if you don't find any four-leaf clovers, you'll consider yourself lucky just to be in this lovely spot.
As you head towards the beach, you'll walk among wildflowers, trees and grassy meadows. The trees provide much-needed shade on a hot, sunny day.
Keep walking up the tiny path, overflowing with giant wild phlox and other wildflowers. Overhead, you'll see hawks looking for lunch, while below, little lizards scurry off into the plants.
After walking a few miles among this beautiful scenery, what do you reach?  Good question.
Look what awaits you at the end of the trail. A perfect picnic place. Find yourself a comfy spot and look around. See how that yellow lupine hangs stubbornly to the cliff, even in the blustery ocean breezes?
A peek at the beach at the end of the trail.  Now wasn't that worth the walk?  Spend a couple hours at this state park for an unforgettable day in what many call one of the world's most beautiful locations.
Learn more about Andrew Molera State Park.


  1. Teresa, this year we're having an even better year for wildflowers. Big Sur is utterly breathtaking! We hope you can make it back for a visit.

  2. Nicole, Not surprised that wildflowers look extra beautiful this year after last year's fires. Another sign of nature's ability to renew itself.

    We'll certainly be back soon -- can't stay away from Big Sur for long... Thanks for your comments.

  3. Kim and Victoria:
    You're right. Big Sur is about as close to paradise as it gets! Thanks for stopping by... Teresa

  4. Oh, the views, the views! And what a wonderful to be there, with so much in bloom. I have seen many beautiful places in California (mostly northern), but sadly, I have never been south of San Francisco. Now I know what I'm missing!

  5. Nat!

    You simply must see central California too. So many great places, such as Big Sur. You'd love it... Teresa

  6. Teresa,

    Oh, you brought back such wonderful memories. I love the California coast when the poppies are blooming. And the scent of eucalyptus is in the air... Thank you so much for taking us along.

    And thanks for stopping by our blog. That fox was HUGE.


  7. June:

    You are right. The scent is definitely intoxicating on the California coast. Thanks for visiting.


  8. *sigh* so gorgeous! I hope to visit California some day - it's on my wish list. -Jackie

  9. Jackie.

    Thanks for your comments. Be sure to include Big Sur and other California coastal towns on your itinerary -- when you do finally get out there. You'll love it.
    Happy gardening! Teresa

  10. This is a sad thing to want to close these parks. I know the government's money is going toward wasted expenditures. This is a very beautiful place that should remain open to everyone. I hope I can visit it one day.

  11. Meadow Flower Farm:

    Thanks so much for your comments. I also was shocked to learn today that California may close 80 percent of its state parks starting in Sept. Including this jewel! To learn more, contact www.savestateparks.org/.

    Hope you do have a chance to visit Big Sur sometime soon. Please drop by again to Seasonal Wisdom.

    All the best, Teresa